Renewable Energy


CRES² has the efficient solution to avoid blackouts in the power supply. The hydrogen module with integrated hydrogen to electricity and heat convertor is the perfect solution for unexpected electricity shortage. Reaching an overall efficiency of up to 90% results in a maximum return on investment.

we provide:

  • Hydrogen applications
  • Multi-Megawatt high capacity energy storage systems
  • Back-up power systems
  • High capacity power generators
  • wind- and solar applications
  • Efficient lighting designs and systems (LED, FLUO, HID)
  • Modern street furniture for urban development
  • Innovative heating systems

efficiently solving:

  • Grid instability because of  inconstant wind and solar production
  • Grid instability because of  daily peak and off-peak energy demand
  • Grid instability because of seasonal peak and off-peak energy demand
  • Grid dependency

Several other applications including LED lighting and efficient daylight dispersion are also popular projects. See what we can do for you!

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